Entry Fees Paid for Southeastern Circuit Finals


Davie Pro Rodeo and the PRCA Southeastern Circuit Committee is proud to announce that Davie Pro Rodeo and the Southeastern Circuit will be paying all entry fee’s at the 2012 Southeastern Circuit Finals Rodeo!!!!!

The $5.00 Circuit Fee’s that are paid at the Rodeo’s is making this possible. Most of you know what rodeo’s you have competed at and if you did not pay your $5.00 circuit fee at that rodeo you will need to pay them before the Circuit Finals. Many of you pay your fee’s at the PRCA office and they were not included. Some Secretary’s did not ask for the $5.00 fee. The Circuit committee is aware of this. Make a list of the Rodeo’s you know you have not paid your $5.00 fee and plan to pay it . The Circuit Committee has made a decision not to give any awards or have your entry fee’s paid unless you clear up and pay your $5.00 fee that you missed paying for. If you would like to pay your balance before the Circuit finals , You need to send a check to Mildred Klingemann.

We are gathering all the records from every rodeo and will know how much each of you will owe. Please try to get this cleared up before the Circuit Finals!!!

If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Mildred at mkrodeosec@yahoo.com.

“Cowboy Town” – Davie, Florida

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